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[ENG] Melanie Duncan - Power of Pinning (2015)

Тема в разделе "Английский", создана пользователем damonik, 10 авг 2015.

  1. [ENG] Melanie Duncan - Power of Pinning (2015)
    [ENG] Melanie Duncan - Power of Pinning (2015) | [Infoclub.PRO]
    With the power of pinning you can:

    • Increase your traffic and sales from social media’s most profitable platform.
    • Get more followers fast so that you can build a passionate following on Pinterest.
    • Discover exactly what to pin to sell more products AND services online.
    • Quickly and easily create stunning visual content that sells.
    • Master Pinterest ads and watch your traffic and sales skyrocket overnight.
    • And do it all in less time than you’re probably spending on social media already...