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Frank Kern - Video Black Box [2010; ENG]

Тема в разделе "Бизнес и маркетинг", создана пользователем Администратор, 8 окт 2014.

  1. Frank Kern - Video Black Box [2010; ENG]
    Frank Kern - Video Black Box [2010; ENG] | [Infoclub.PRO]
    Frank Kern Operation Video Black Box walks you through how to make cool videos that sell.
    This brand new product takes you behind the scenes of Frank Kern’s most successful video campaigns from the past two years and reveals:

    A. How you can “manufacture celebrity” in ANY market to command high prices. Probably the single biggest secret to my success.
    B. The psychological “End Game” method that creates an INSTANT BOND with your viewers …so they’ll want to buy fom you even when you’re not pitching.
    C. The “Giveaway Cash Magnet” that gets you sales …even though you’re giving stuff away and not actually pitching.
    D. GHETTO NLP tricks that get sales the easy way.
    (Note: I call this “GHETTO NLP” because I don’t know “real” or “formal” NLP. This is more like a uper under-the-radar sales strategy as opposed to actual “acedemic” NLP.)
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