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Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message

Тема в разделе "Бизнес и маркетинг", создана пользователем damonik, 20 дек 2015.

  1. Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message

    "Marketing research shows that 80% of an ad's or sales letter's success comes from the headline and lead.

    Every marketer worth their name can tell you how important the headline is. But far too many of those same marketers ignore the critical importance of the lead.

    In Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message, marketing genius Michael Masterson and master copywriter John Forde break through that ignorance to provide a clear, concise, and easy-to-follow guide to writing successful leads. But this is not a simple "How To" book on leads. Great Leads goes far deeper. Michael and John examine crucial aspects o writing powerful, successful leads and show how this process starts long before one word is put on paper.

    Great Leads was originally conceived as a book about sales letter leads. But in the planning stages, it quickly morphed into a far broader, far more useful examination of how to write effective leads for any type of direct response ad.

    But just as important, the book reveals three strategies few copywriters know or understand that you can start using immediately to:

    * Become a more effective copywriter

    * Write faster with improved results

    * Be more in demand

    * Earn more money

    This book is not the best book of its kind about how to write successful leads. It is the only book of its kind."



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