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John Carlton – License to Steal Copywriting Seminar Read more

Тема в разделе "Бизнес и маркетинг", создана пользователем damonik, 19 дек 2015.

  1. John Carlton – License to Steal Copywriting Seminar Read more

    John Carlton – License to Steal Copywriting Seminar

    Just in time for the BlackFriday and CyberMonday herds. Go out and mine that gold, Mates. - NC

    It's the last "lesson" on writing world-class copy you'll ever need...

    "How To Skip The Hard Part Of Writing Killer Sales Copy... And, Overnight, Put 5 Already-Written World-Class Wealth-Generating Ads To Work For You!"

    You can forget about all the agony of coming up with ideas, concepts or even power words... because I’ve already done most of the writing (and all of the thinking) FOR you!

    No matter where you are now in your business life (or where your writing skills are), I guarantee you will walk away from this lesson armed with the immediate skills to adapt 5 masterpiece ads you can use next week to start bringing in riches and fame beyond your most wicked dreams. Check this out, right now, if you’re finally ready to go screeching off on the wildest (and richest) ride of your life...

    John Carlton;



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