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Руководство для начинающих по концепции эскизов

Тема в разделе "Дизайн и графика", создана пользователем damonik, 14 сен 2015.

  1. Руководство для начинающих по концепции эскизов

    Описание курса:

    We'll start off by learning what concept sketching is and where it fits into a creative pipeline. We'll then begin exploring how we can utilize concept sketching as part of the pipeline on a number of different types of projects.

    From a logo to a layout and even a character or environment design, concept sketching can take a number of different forms and we’ll learn a little about each of them. We will wrap this course up by learning a few things that you can implement in order to be a more successful concept sketcher.

    This series of step-by-step videos were developed with artists new to concept sketching in mind so we will be moving at a steady, easy-to-follow pace making sure you understand terms and basic techniques.



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