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Shadowing with Shayna (+ bonus)

Тема в разделе "Найдено в сети", создана пользователем damonik, 31 янв 2016.

  1. Shadowing with Shayna (+ bonus)

    Автор: Шейна Макхью (Shayna McHugh)

    The American English Pronunciation Course and the NEW “Shadowing with Shayna” accent training will help you reach your goal of speaking clear, confident, and correct English.

    In the American English Pronunciation Course, you will learn:
    • All the sounds of American English, with lots of practice exercises
    • How to master the difference between similar sounds, and fix pronunciation errors. It’s important to correct mistakes before they become bad habits!
    • How to make your spoken English more connected, fluid, and natural with lessons on reductions, linking, and intonation.
    The next level of training is a new set of lessons called “Shadowing with Shayna.”

    is a technique in which you repeat phrases immediately after me, imitating my pronunciation and intonation very closely.
    It’s a great way to reduce your foreign accent and practice speaking more continuously (without so many pauses between words).

    You can “shadow” with any audio recording… but “Shadowing with Shayna” contains 30 lessons that are specifically designed to help you practice easily and effectively.

    The audio includes pauses for you to repeat after me, and the text on the video shows you exactly where the stressed syllables and words are.