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YOUTUBE: How I Make $2000 A Month on YouTube With No Filming.

Тема в разделе "Бизнес и маркетинг", создана пользователем damonik, 12 дек 2015.

  1. YOUTUBE: How I Make $2000 A Month on YouTube With No Filming.

    Что я вынесу из этого курса?
    • Более 81 лекций и 6 час(ов) содержания!
    • See precisely why I earn so much, month after month
    • Learn and see how I make at least $2,000 a month from YouTube, with no experience, no camera etc. And everything is supplied for free
    • See how to get instant free access to millions of top quality videos which you can freely use
    • See that you do no marketing or advertising or spending or promoting. YouTube does all this for free for you!
    • Know the right way to use titles for maximum profits
    • Know the right way to use descriptions
    • Learn an amazing secret to getting your videos to show up over other people's videos
    • Learn what you must do with the subscribers box
    • Learn how to get videos to the top of YouTube the correct way, with no cheating, every time
    • Know the "top-secret" way to get a million views per month, every month - easily
    • Know how to get free music for your videos - no restrictions on usage
    • Learn how to get YouTube to advertise your channel around the world, for free
    • Sit at home and, following the simple instructions in this course, make videos (millions of videos are supplied free of charge) and make money from Google's advertising program, AdSense
    • Know how to really understand the analytics on YouTube - for ever greater success
    • Know the playlists secret to multiplying your views many fold
    • Know how to vastly increase your views and subscribers from the correct use of annotations - YouTube desperately wants you to do this, but most people ignore it!
    • Learn the 2 secrets of thumbnails - you must do both of these - for a long time I didn't ... to my loss!
    • Learn how to correctly use tags to vastly increase your income



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